Chek out all the information about the activities and events of VITA GLOBAL  carried out so far.

Workshop in Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch, 25-29 February, Hosted by Stellenbosch University


The first training workshop of the Vita Global Project took place in Stellenbosch, South Africa during the last week of february. 

This first workshop was focused on the theme of ‘internationalising the curricula’. It explored topics such as: • Teaching for the future • Strategies for internationalising teaching • Leveraging ICT for internationalisation of teaching • Blended learning • Support services and training for teachers.

The event also serve as a venue to further elaborate the policy paper that the project is developing on Modularization and the Vita Global experience. 


Meeting of the International Relations Officers: Understanding the concept of modularization

Madrid, 3-5 December, Hosted by ANECA


In this meeting, various representatives of international relations offices of the Vita Global partners met to discuss:


  • The concept of modularization and how it is understood and applied in different systems;

  • The potential definition of a module, for the purposes of the Vita Global project;

  • The Policy Paper on How to internationalise the curricula through modularization: The case of Vita Global, which will be an output of the Vita Global project;

  • The process of implementing the Vita Global modules in partner institutions;

  • The planning of the capacity building workshops (WP3).

Project Meeting in Santiago

The project VITA GLOBAL held its third major project meeting in Santiago de Chile (9-11 October), co-hosted by the University of Chile and the University of Talca. The meeting gathered both representatives of international relations offices as well as academic staff leading fields related to viticulture, oenology, wine marketing and wine tourism from Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Georgia, South Africa, Portugal, France, Italy and Spain.

Partner Meeting in  Porto

University of Porto hosted the second partnership meeting, which took place from May 1st  to May 3rd, 2019.
In this event, partners had the chance to discuss the results of the self-assessment survey and agree to the study modules to be developed. Workgroups were agreed for each module and a workplan drafted as an output.  
The Project Management team and the Quality committee also take advantage of this event to meet.

Kick Off Meeting

The Kick off meeting was held in Mendoza, Argentina from February 18th to February 21th 2019.  
The VITA GLOBAL opening took place in UNCUYO’s Faculty of Agricultural Sciences. This three-day event allowed Partners to come together and share experiences, acquire knowledge, exchange information and share best practices. 
This event was open to general public and local stakeholders.

Management Meeting in Tarragona

A management meeting took place in Tarragona, Spain on January 10th and 11th 2019.  Representatives of OBREAL, URV, University of Bologna, University of Porto, University of Bordeaux and ANECA met in order to define the expectations of European partners in the project and their priorities. 
The was also an occasion to discuss regional priorities for partnering, brainstorm possible ideas for study module themes, refine the approach to the self-assessment and prepare the KOM. 

Planning Meeting in

Before the Kick off Meeting of VITA GLOBAL project, the project management and several Latin America partners gathered in Montevideo to discuss the priorities for Latin America, clarify the project approach and discuss deliverables planned for the project. 
This meeting was held by AUGM in their office in Montevideo, Uruguay on October 23th 2018.
Partners also took advantage of this meeting to prepare the KOM that would be carried out a few months later in Mendoza, Argentina. 

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