Meeting of the International Relations Officers: Understanding the concept of modularization

Madrid, 3-5 December, Hosted by ANECA


In this meeting, various representatives of international relations offices of the Vita Global partners met to discuss:


  • The concept of modularization and how it is understood and applied in different systems;

  • The potential definition of a module, for the purposes of the Vita Global project;

  • The Policy Paper on How to internationalise the curricula through modularization: The case of Vita Global, which will be an output of the Vita Global project;

  • The process of implementing the Vita Global modules in partner institutions;

  • The planning of the capacity building workshops (WP3).


Partners were joined by several international representatives who are not in the partnership, including two experts from India (Symposium University) and Oman (Middle East College), who contributed to the discussions.

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