Wine Tourism Innovation

Objectives of the course:

  • Introduce the current changes and challenges in the tourism domain

  • Learn about the peculiar organization and development of the wine tourism system

  • Understand how wine tourism can create new perspectives for local assets and bolster economic and social development

  • Know about wine tourism innovation and development models involving public and private sectors

  • Learn about the key conditions, do’s & dont’s for sustainable development of wine tourism destination 

  • Explore the characteristics of particular wine tourism products and experiences 

Content of the course

  • Place prosperity based on limited resources (of material / intangible nature) that function as main attraction as long as they are properly valorised and cared for 

  • Sustainable and responsible development as a tool to maximize the well-being of the local community in the long term

  • Culture as intimately related to wine (tourism) and a social construct, not just something that we inherited from the past

  • The tourist as an active subject of place transformation

  • Wine tourism business development based on the ability of creating value through innovative collective engagement

  • Territory-society relationships as the main analytical axis of tourism development

Organization of the course (credit/hours: 60h)

  • Lectures

  • Field trip activities

  • Workshop

  • Assignments

  • Team work

  • Individual attention

Sessions –Block 1

1.TRENDS IN TOURISM AND LEISURE -Destinations, markets and flows-Prof.Salvador Anton Clave

1.1. The changing nature of global tourism
1.2. Major challenges for tourism destinations

Sessions –Block 2

2.1. The wine tourism system
2.2. The wine tourism strategies

Sessions –Block 3

3. WINE TOURISM AND PLACE VALORISATION -Regional development issues-Prof.Antonio Paolo Russo

3.1.The tourism development process
3.2.Wine and wine landscapes as tourism assets
3.3.Territorial branding and communication of sustainability in wine regions
3.4. The sustainable development of wine tourism regions
3.5. Wine tourism and rural development goals

Sessions –Block 4

4. PRODUCTS AND EXPERIENCES IN WINE TOURISM -Concepts, innovations, models-Prof. Antonio Paolo Russo

4.1. The tourist experience and its quality
4.2. Wine tourism destination management

Sessions –Block 5

5. PRODUCTS AND EXPERIENCES IN WINE TOURISM -Best practices-Prof. Salvador Anton Clave & Antonio Paolo Russo

Case 1. Wine tourism events
Case 2. Wine tourism and cultural development
Case 3. The musealisationof wine culture
Case 4. Transforming wine heritage in tourism oriented facilities
Case 5. Valuing heritage and landscape tourism destination management